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Architect Design Build Weapon Racks

Architects and Design Firms specify weapon racks for Police Stations, Sheriff Departments, Crime Labs and MILCON projects. Combat Weapon Storage Systems™ has designed and installed weapon racks globally working with leading general contractors, architects and design firms.

Working in AutoCAD, we will draw our system right in your CAD file, meet end user requirements and deliver a turnkey competitive proposal for your end users. Weapon Rack elevation drawings are offered in 3D showing exactly which components are to be provided and their height settings, no stick drawings showing what a configuration might look like.

With our turnkey proposal, we also supply specifications for mil-spec weapon racks as well as color charts and weapon rack configuration drawings.

Sample Fixed Arms Room Weapon Rack Layout

Arms Room Racks

Sample Arms Room Mobile Weapon Rack Layout

Mobile Weapon Rack Armory Design


Weapon Rack CAD Drawing
Weapon Rack CAD Drawing
Combat Weapon Rack layout drawings provided in AutoCAD for Architects & Design firms.

Weapon Racks
Combat Weapon Racks
Combat Weapon Racks specified by architects and designers .


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