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Combat Weapon Storage Systems™ - Combat Weapon Racks - NSN Weapon Racks

Weapon Racks store all weapon systems including rifles & shotguns, crew-served weapons, mortars, machine guns, miniguns, sniper rifles, pistols and tasers. Our fully slotted back panel system design allows rapid reconfiguration of modular universal individual components to meet a changing inventory.

Below are links to common weapon systems we see in the field and Combat Weapon Racks configured to store that weapon system. Click on the pictures below to review various weapon rack configurations as well as our available National Stock Numbers for specific rack layouts. A la carte rack configurations can be purchased commercially as well as through our GSA Schedule. Our GSA Schedule qualifies as a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) set-aside for procurement purposes.

Combat Weapon Racks are available through our GSA Schedule and also through NSN Assignment. Call for pricing and to schedule site surveys.

M16 Weapon Rack
M4 Weapon Rack
M16 Weapon Racks
M4 Weapon Racks
SOPMOD M4 Weapon Rack
Shotgun Weapon Rack
SOPMOD M4 Weapon Racks
Shotgun Weapon Racks
AK47 Weapon Rack
MP5 Weapon Racks
AK47 Weapon Racks
MP5 Weapon Racks
M240B Weapon Rack
M249 SAW Weapon Rack
M240B Weapon Racks
M249 SAW Weapon Racks
M2 Weapon Rack
MK19 Weapon Rack
M2 Weapon Racks
MK19 Weapon Racks
M107 Weapon Rack
Mingun Weapon Rack
M107 Weapon Racks
Minigun Weapon Racks
Mortar Weapon Rack
Carl Gustav Weapon Rack
Mortar Weapon Racks
Carl Gustav Weapon Racks

Individual Barrel Saddles
Weapon Rack Features
Combat Weapon Racks provide a 1:1 barrel saddle to rifle ratio, giving armorers ultimate rack flexibility.

Stackable Single Tier Racks
Stackable Weapon Racks
Stackable single tier Combat Weapon Racks allow for smaller units or teams to lock down racks and still maximize floor space.

Mobile Carriage Weapon Racks
Weapon Racks installed on mobile carriage systems
Combat Weapon Racks installed on mobile carriages provide high density weapon storage solutions for large density lists and tight spaces.

Rolling Weapon Racks
Rolling Weapon Racks
Combat Weapon Racks with caster bases allow weapon racks to be moved around arms rooms with great ease.

Weapon Carts
Combat Weapon Carts
Combat Weapon Carts feature our fully slotted back panel and rugged handles to move weapons in and out of the arms room with ease.

Weapon Shelving
Combat Weapon Shelving Systems
Combat Weapon Shelving stores all the same weapons as Combat Weapon Racks, without the fully welded cabinet super structure, for use in secure arms rooms not requiring locks on racks.


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